Work With Us

The HTT Group support Qantas as its General Sales Agent (GSA) in:
a) Online POS – Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines & China
b) Offline POS – Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan & Vietnam

The HTT Groups supports Qantas Freight in Indonesia and Philippines.

Our roles for Jetstar which differs amongst the offices include:
a) China, Taiwan – Group Support
b) Indonesia – Call Center & Travel shop
c) Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines & Taiwan – GSA

The HTT Group supports British Airways as its GSA in: 
a) Online POS – Thailand 
b) Offline POS – Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan 

The HTT Group supports Royal Brunei Airlines as its GSA in: 
Online POS – Malaysia and Singapore 

The HTT Group supports Myanmar Airways International as its GSA in China (except Western China).

The HTT Group supports Thai Smile (a subsidiary of Thai Airways) as its GSA in Malaysia.